Your Next Agency Staff Contract Win?

How to win agency staff contracts is a challenge facing many of our clients.

Fortunately when working with our talented clients we can make a difference that supercharges success rates when a formal proposal is required for a competitive tender situation.

The latest win is for a contract requiring the supply of technology staff.

How do we make such a difference to success rates is a regular question.  The response, as always, is that we provide an extra focus on ‘quality’ aspects of our clients’ proposals and help them find an edge that makes them stand out on the things that matter most to the company inviting bids.

This helps overall by targeting higher scores for the quality aspect of every proposal and giving more room on pricing elements.  Who wants to be a company with nothing to offer but cheap prices?  Certainly not our clients, who are always competitive, but who have service offerings where what they can add to the delivery of an agency staffing service matters as much as supplying the agency staff themselves.

If you want to supercharge your success rates get in touch.