Winning London Contracts

The latest win for clients is with Lambeth Council which is extending the run of straight wins achieved for this client.

The process can be a long one however and we have other clients waiting patiently for the Standstill Periods to be completed on two further contract awards before they can make their success public and really celebrate their latest contract wins.

The Standstill Period itself, however frustrating it is in this instance for our successful clients, can be a valuable opportunity if your company is ever told it has been unsuccessful in a tender.  Speed is the key though as any unsuccessful bidder has only two days to make a request for an accelerated debrief to identify if there is any need to challenge the contract award process.

Sometimes companies believe there is no point challenging a contract award, and if you are just unhappy about losing that is the case, but procurement organisations can make mistakes that can impact on you and that has to be worth challenging.  In the recent past companies have approached us in relation to unsuccessful bids with Local Authorities, Central Government and the NHS.  In each case we identified an error in the contract procurement and award process and achieved a changed result in favour of our clients.

Whether you want assistance in winning contracts from first principles or need assistance where a bid has been rejected just get in touch.