How To Win More Public Sector Contracts In 2021

If you want to win more public sector contracts in 2021 consider these aspects:

  1. Get support from Alexander Venture Consulting with most recent results including 3 NHS service contract wins and separate agency staffing wins for Medical Locums, Nurses, Care Workers, Allied Health Professionals, Administrative and Non-Medical roles and Senior Managers
  2. Ensuring your quality scores are maximized to avoid pressure on your bid prices. Our recent support in helping clients win Health Trust Europe contracts achieved quality scores at 100% of available score. Local Authority win in London worth £3m with quality score 18% above nearest competitor and price score 10% lower than lowest cost bidder meaning our client won with higher prices than its competitors by achieving the best quality score and hence the winning overall score.

If you want greater success in tender bids, whilst also maximizing your profitability, don’t delay.  Your next contract win could start with a simple phone call to get Alexander Venture Consulting on your team.