How Can I Win Public Sector Contracts?

How can I win public sector contracts is a query we often hear.  For those companies who have already got wins under their belt the query usually becomes how can I win more public sector contracts.

The first part of the solution is quick and easy – just use our services.  The second part takes a bit longer in working together to see how our systematic approach to tender winning can dramatically improve your contract win rates.

The latest success is in the agency staffing market within the NHS.  Crown Commercial Services has just confirmed our client’s latest win of the Non Medical Non Clinical temporary agency staff contract.  This framework contract covers staff categories such as administrative, clerical, IT, legal, clinical coding and ancillary.

So, if you really want to win that large or small public sector contract just get in touch.  Our only request is that you don’t leave it until the tender is published as one of the ‘secrets’ of tendering success is getting the process started in advance of the short formal bid period.