Win Profitable Contracts in 2020

We are often asked about the costing of services and pricing of bids. We don’t decide such matters of course – that is for our clients – but what we do strongly support is ways of looking at pricing that maximise the chances of winning contracts at your chosen price point, giving you the return on investment you are seeking.

Recent social care contract wins in East London where our clients were able to achieve prices ranging from 10% to 20% higher than other successful bidders to win a valuable place on a framework contract of 15 companies in total. No tricks involved just a successful concentration on promoting the service quality side of the bid to ensure that the tender process saw them achieve comparable or better winning scores than companies relying on low pricing to win business.

When this translates to their profit line they are going to be able to invest more in future services to put themselves even further ahead of the competition in the future.

If you want to give your company the winning edge, and maximise your profitability at the same time, then get in touch soon.