How to Win Preferred Provider Status in 2015

If you need to win preferred provider bids contact us now to boost your chances of a successful outcome.  It does not matter if the bid is with the public or private sector our approach will make a real difference.

This new client contacted us through a referral, from another company we had successfully supported, after they heard about our speciality of winning contracts and tenders.  They are a highly experienced and skilled team and a recognised leader in their field but winning preferred provider status with one of the UK’s best known business brands would be a quantum leap.

Their team produced a high quality proposal and arranged for our input to review their ideas, structures and concepts – effectively an open brief to find improvements.  This helped turn a good proposal into a great proposal – job done – preferred provider status won.  You may think that noting we helped our client turn a good proposal into a great one is a bit of marketing speak but if anything it is an understatement.  “Great” was not just our view or that of our clients – the UK business brand awarding the preferred provider status was absolutely clear that the bid was probably the best and most comprehensive tender document they had ever received and they have seen a lot of bids.

No matter how good your product or service is to start with we can help you find that extra edge to increase the likelihood of beating your competition.  If you can, get in touch early in any bid process as the earlier we are involved the bigger the difference we can make.