How to Win Local Government Contracts

At AVC, we’ve had a huge amount of experience working with clients and helping them to win local government tenders all over the UK. Our experience of local councils ranges from London Councils to Warwickshire County Council and Belfast City Council.

What is clear countrywide is that winning local government contracts is only getting harder, with economic pressures meaning that councils are increasingly seeking out the best deals that they can find.  It’s important, therefore, to make sure that you’re presenting yourself and your proposals with a sophistication and quality that shows your company in the best light and maximises profits by avoiding a reliance on low pricing.

It is this quality and sophistication that our service can help you achieve.  We can help you with research and preparation, so that it’s clear that you are thorough and knowledgeable.  We work with you to create compelling written proposals that stand out from the crowd and offer local government what it wants.  We coach the client team to ensure that every aspect is aimed at the goal of winning the contract..

If you need help to win local government contracts, get in touch with us at AVC to boost your success rate.