How Can We Win Contracts & Tenders?

With the latest two wins arriving last week we wanted to give some insight into the clients we help win contracts and tenders.

Often clients come to us with concerns about whether it is possible for them to win meaningful contracts due to things such as size, history, profitability, experience or legal structure.  It would be daft to say any company can win any contract, as there are sometimes barriers that make certain bids unsuitable, but often clients’ perceived disadvantages are not barriers at all.

As an indication of client structures, that have not got in the way of achieving success as feared, we have helped clients whose structure is:

Overall the message about achieving success in winning contracts and tenders is don’t worry too much about things that may possibly be seen as negatives.  Focus instead on what your business has to offer and work as hard as possible in finding ways to put across what your service or product can do for the buyer.

If you would like assistance to increase your success rates in bidding for contracts or tenders get in touch with us and see how much better things can be.