How To Win Contracts On Quality & NOT Price

Most organisations we work with recognise that being the cheapest supplier is usually not the way to successfully grow their business sustainably particularly when looking at key services such as social care.

The majority of social care contracts are awarded on a mixture of quality-price scores, or quality alone in some cases, so you can see just how essential it is for your organisation’s bid to be rated highly by commissioners on quality factors.

It sounds simple, but in practice commissioners have diverse views of what constitutes quality so how can you ensure your bid delivers what they are seeking.

The start point is a clear response planning process and then working hard to examine your business, services, and practice examples from different angles.  This is exactly the focus we bring to working with clients.

We help our clients prepare high quality responses efficiently and effectively and for a recent Learning Disability services framework the difference between our client’s quality score and the second place bidder was 20%.

So whether your next tender opportunity is awarded on a price-quality mix, or quality scores alone, imagine what a difference our structured approach could make to your success and get in touch with us on 01233 714063.