Win Contracts at Higher Prices

Do sales and marketing teams or other business owners keep telling you that the only way to win contracts is through low prices?

We hear that all the time too and it is just plain wrong.

You can win contracts, including big public sector contracts against large competitors, at higher prices than those competitors.

A recent win for our clients, against significantly larger competitors, landed them a £10-15m contract even though their price was at a premium of around 5% compared to the larger companies.

Getting the win took a lot of thought, and made the team’s heads hurt, but by stopping the race to the bottom on pricing and concentrating instead on showing the value and quality within the bid our clients achieved a spectacular result that will make a big impact on profitability.

Your company can achieve similar success.  Get in touch on 01233 714063 to see how and start winning more business and more profitable business.