I Want to Win Contracts

“I want to win a contract” is how many of conversations with our clients start.  If you want to win that next bid get in touch with our tender winning team as early as possible.  Whatever you do, don’t wait until the tender process starts.

For this new client in Hampshire the target contract was an innovative service called REACT.  The County Council aimed to create a new service, through up to eight contracts, which involved collaboration between providers and the Council and was developmental in its approach to enable service evolution over the contract lifecycle.

For a high profile new community service to maximise people’s health and independence, valued at almost £12m in total, you can imagine the demands made by the Council on prospective suppliers so the teamwork approach followed with our clients included research, planning of method statement responses and price structuring.

The result for our clients was a fantastic win with the conversation moving from “I want to win” to “Patrick just a quick call to let you know we’ve won a contract”.