How to Win Agency Staff Contracts

Is your market special?  Whether it is the type of service or product you provide, the clients you support, the geography or the regulatory regime the answer is probably yes.  The good news is that this does not put winning contracts and tenders out of your reach.

One thing that all tenders and contracts have in common is the need to show potential buyers just why and how your business is the one they should choose as a supplier.  The support we deliver to our clients achieves just that.

Our clients in Northern Ireland have just triumphed in the 2-4 year Agency Workers – Non Medical contract run by the Business Services Organisation for the health and social care sector.

This gives our clients an immediate client market of the Belfast, South Eastern and Southern Health & Social Care Trusts.  Added to this the other two HSC Trusts can use the framework as well as a further dozen or so major Northern Ireland public authorities.

What a cracking start to 2014!