How to Win 1st Place in Framework Contracts

Framework contracts are sometimes designed so that all winners are not equal.  Some are designed so that the first placed company gets the initial offer of every bit of new business with the second and third placed companies only picking up what the 1st place winner can’t handle.

You can see that if you really want to make the most out of winning a framework the effort needs to go in to make sure you are at the top.

In the most recent County Council contract award our client had to make multiple bids as every element had been broken down into separate frameworks.  This made the stakes even higher than usual as it pushes up the level of competition.

Working closely with our clients from passing the PQQ stage, to creating the method statement responses for the tender itself, the results were outstanding.  From the many bids entered our client’s came 1st, and 1st, and 1st, and …. well you get the picture.

If your company needs to perform at the top of its game, in coming top in more framework contracts, get in touch and see how we can help.