Ripping Up Tender Mythology

Now that the summer holiday season is over the hiatus in confirmation of bid results is ended.

We hear and read about lots of myths regarding the winning of tenders but most of them are just plain wrong.  Look at how some of our recent results stack up against the perceived wisdom of the ‘talking heads’:

Ah, you may say, that all sounds ok but we are a small charity, and have a small turnover, and need to work in a new consortium, and need to bid for a large value contract, and face massive competitors.  Surely with all that against us we don’t stand a chance.

Wrong again, it just depends if you have the gumption to take on the challenge.  Our clients have just faced this exact situation and emerged triumphant.

If you want to rise above the myths, rip up the rule book and win tender after tender contact us today and see the difference we can make to your future success.