Maximising Profits in 2020

Some company owners roll their eyes and moan that public sector procurement is just about the price with no room for quality and innovation.

Winning worthwhile long term contracts through the tender process is certainly tough but the moans that it is just about lowest price are just tosh.

With the right approach to market research and the concentration on quality aspects of the bid to justify higher prices any company, no matter its size, can win at prices that provide the profit levels wanted.

Our two latest contract wins for family run companies show just how much profit you can generate and still win major contracts.

Following the award of the contract detailed price analysis showed that there was a price differential of 31% between the top priced and lowest priced bids of the winners. Yes you read that right the difference was between the top and bottom prices of the winning companies – not between winners and losers – so by maximising quality aspects of their bids the best performing companies were able to get a Price Premium of 31% over their competitors for delivering the same service.

Our clients of course, were on the right side of that equation, getting a price that allows them to invest and pursue even more profitable growth opportunities.

If you want to maximise your profits AND win contracts then get in touch and see just how our Tender Winning Service can help.