Another Great Cornish Summer – Nowodhow

Nowodhow means News in the glorious Cornish language and we felt we just had to share the latest nowodhow on helping clients win another contract even though details are still waiting for the end of the 10 day standstill period.

Summer in the U.K. wouldn’t be the same without hearing about scorching temperatures in Cornwall and for our clients their results are heating up nicely.

This is the second win in a row for this client and that is something our clients have come to expect – excellent results from their efforts in winning contracts.  The tender processes are never straightforward and sometimes clients tell us they feel like they are hammering against a brick wall as a small company trying to win public sector contracts.

We understand that view but with our tender winning system at their side clients start feeling more like they have a wrecking ball in their armoury.  We work hard with clients to break the status quo of contracts being awarded to the big companies and find ways to help break through barriers and achieve success on a consistent basis.

If you want to put some extra heat under your contract win rates and get your financial results to really sizzle then get in touch before your competitors do on 01233-714063.