How Can Family Run SMEs Win Contracts?

As one of our family run SME clients wins yet another contract this week we thought it only right to share the key principles behind their success.

Firstly stop thinking of yourself as an SME – you are running a successful and profitable business and have just as much to shout about as companies that just happen to be larger.

Secondly embrace what some see as your weaknesses – your smaller scale or lack of experience in a market – and find ways to show exactly why those supposed weaknesses should make your company irresistible to a buyer of services or products.

Thirdly innovate, fast, today and see just how slow your larger competitors can be as they struggle to make decisions in their hierarchy.

This client has won multiple contracts in totally new service and geographic markets and will continue to do so with the help of our tendering support services and focus on winning business.

If you would like to break out of where your company is being pigeon holed then get in contact now on 01233 714063 and improve your success in winning contracts and boosting profitability.