Do You Want To Beat Bigger Competitors?

If your company wants to beat larger competitors to win new contracts where do you start?

  1. Low prices? No way, cutting price to try and challenge huge companies is a sure way to damage your long term profitability and the future of your company and just plays into the hands of the big guys.
  2. Quality? Absolutely, big is not always better and you can show how your company is more agile or more responsive than the big outfits who have to ask a committee every time they want to make a change to how things are done.
  3. Get in touch with Alexander Venture Consulting? Now you’re talking.

In a recent Local Authority tender process in the North of England our small family run client just won a £2.5m p.a. contract for social care services. The competitors lined up included huge national outfits who had probably never even heard of our client and yet – THE SMALL COMPANY WON!

By competing on their strengths and showing just what a public body could gain from a smaller provider, at exactly the same price as the big guys, we helped our client shine and get a fantastic result.

If you want to win contracts in tender situations against tough competition get in touch on 01233 714063.