Contract & Tender Winning the AVC Way

This week alone we have helped four very different clients win four contracts stretching from the Midlands down to London.  The awards are currently in the “standstill” period so we cannot release the details yet but our clients will be celebrating all weekend.

If you are serious about winning more contracts and tenders for your business then get in touch because we can help at every stage from spotting opportunities, through qualification processes and on to the full bid process including presentations to the buyers.

The key is not to wait until the tender is published though as there is so much advance work that can be done to maximise your chances of a successful bid.  By getting moving early you are building an advantage over your competitors and why wouldn’t you want to do that – in fact if you’re not perhaps they are even now getting the jump on you.

Whatever market you operate in we can help increase the success rate of your bids for contracts and tenders so get in touch by calling us on 01233 714063.  We look forward to working and winning with you.